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Winter travels

Believe it or not, I actually travel a whole lot less for my current job than my previous job. It might not seem that way because I just got back from another work trip. Upon returning, I realized that I shouldn't have another work trip until the fall. It feels like a miracle.

But let's get back to this recent trip. The nice thing about having to go to Akron, PA is that I can usually figure out a way to sneak in a trip to Harrisonburg, VA to see my sister and her family. (It's only like 3 and half hours away).

This time, I headed to Virginia first. I arrived on Thursday and spent the long weekend (well minus working on Friday) drinking coffee with my sister, playing logos with my nephew, eating terribly delicious food and generally relaxing. (We also watched the Superbowl of course).
On Monday, I traveled up to Akron for a week full of meetings. The group thing about these meetings is that it means I get to see my friends who live in the area. This time I was able to hang …

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