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Fall y'all

I am not really sure fall truly exists anymore. It's been more like post-summer. (Although maybe that's always how it's been in Kansas).  I fully anticipate the temperature to totally drop out from under us one morning. But I am just being snarky because I really want to wear sweatpants and eat only soups. The weather has actually been really nice this weekend. I think we might be done with 80+ temps for the year. (Fingers crossed).

This weekend has been nicer just in general. I've made a really big effort to try and keep whatever weekend sadness that creeps up on me at bay. On Friday night, Jill and I went to Wichita to eat at Little Saigon. I had some Pho and loved every minute of it. (Also these egg rolls).
Yesterday, there was some kind of fall event in "downtown" Hesston. I still don't really know what it was because they did a terrible job of advertising. The only reason I knew about in the end was because it was like a block away from my house. (A…

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