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Hello there, November

Well hello there, November.

Since I never seem to have creative energy, I just need to force it. This afternoon we had a few hours of sunshine and I took advantage of it to go and look at some of the fall colors. I love every tree that is red. Then I see an orange tree and then declare that one is my favorite. 
 Speaking of forcing creativity. that's what I am doing now. Writing for the sake of writing. I realize this does not bring about very interesting blog posts. But what can you do.

Here are some brief general updates from 209 E Knott Street.

1. Someone drew this cat on the sidewalk near the library. I love finding random sidewalk doodles when I am not expecting too. I also love living so close to the library.

2. One of my favorite things to do when traveling for work is to download movies to watch on planes. Recently, on one of these trips, I watched Anna Karenina and was completely fascinated by it. Now I am reading the book, which might take me the rest of the year. But …

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