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upstate, Illinois part 2

Sister city Chicago!

My sister and I love meeting up in cities and, let's be real, mostly eating food. As someone who loves the culinary arts but lives in a very rural place, food is all I tend to focus on when I am in an urban setting. But I am not made about that at all.

Actually, Leah and I really went to Chicago to see Hamilton for my 30th birthday. AND IT WAS EVERYTHING. I will never recover. Leah and I loved it so much that we wished we could've seen it twice. There were so many layers to pay attention to that we couldn't take it all in. That Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius. (Side note: Chris Lee, who played Lafayette/Jefferson had just finished his Jr year of college. WHAT?! For real, what have I been doing with my life?)

The city was very rainy and extremely humid when we were there, but that did not stop us. On Tuesday, we started our time off at Sugar Fixe in Oak park for coffee and cream puffs before going to Leah's friends' home for dinner (I became bes…

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