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Looking (mostly) forward

Ah, a new year. I told my colleague Tina the other day that from here on out, I think I am always going to be shocked at what year it is. 2018? You're kidding. But here we are, in the beginnings of a new year and in the thick of a fully-January winter.

In summary, I hate January. Moreover, I think I blog has the same annual arch in terms of content. In January/Feb, I hate everything; I am sleepy all the time; it's freezing; what is the point of it all?  I am forcing myself to write right now because I don't feel super creative. You know, that same half-valid excuses.

But I am here, blog and hear me roar. Well, mostly mumble, but I'm here nevertheless.

Usually in one of my first blog posts of a new year, I look back on any goals I've set. Last year, I didn't really do that because my goals seem to also be the same year after year. 2018 isn't really that different, but I thought I would write some of them down because it's always good to be reminded of go…

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