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Garden journal, entry 1

The original point of this blog was to be inspired by local foods and grow them myself. So it feels ironic that I am starting this spring off by saying that I am not overly excited about gardening this year. I am not sure why. Although it might have something to do with my very unsuccessful gardening years in Kansas.

This year, I am actually not doing very much, at least compared to previous years. I think I would rather spend my money at the farmer's market in Wichita instead of buying fox urine to keep Benjamin Bunny from eating my green beans. (I named a bunny that lives in my yard. I see him every day).

A couple weeks ago I planted spinach (and I have some growing on pots on my deck). Last weekend, I planted flowers and onions. This weekend, I mulched. Next weekend (or maybe this week sometime due to the large amount of rain we've been getting), I am going to plant 3 tomato plants. That is it (as far as vegetables go. I am going to also plant sunflowers).

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