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Kansas in September

September is here. Generally at this point in the year, I  feel super annoyed at how hot it still is (omg will summer ever end?) Bur my favorite part about September in Kansas is the prairie flowers that pop up during the final weeks of summer. I am not sure what their name is, but this is the month when you'll find little sunflowers taking over ditches and decorating the edges of highways with their sunny faces.
This is also the time of year when butterflies migrate south through south central Kansas. Right now, these painted ladies are everywhere.
In other news, I finally made bagels again and was delighted at how they turned out. (I really struggled making bagels when I was one of the bakers at Mojo's Coffee bar). I still have issues when I shape them, but they still tasted pretty dang good.
I am maybe trying to usher in an early fall by suddenly baking a lot. I just finished making hamburger buns today and a couple weekends ago I made this maple oatmeal bread.
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