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German baking in America

I am trying to learn more about my ancestral roots via butter. This hardly seems like a revelation. I would spend all my time making cake if I could.

Ever since my paska project, I've been really curious about German food influences.  After all, the Russian Mennonite bubble I live in has an annoying strong food culture. So why don't I know more about my historical food culture too?

My Yoder side has been in the U.S. since the early 1700s and were basically Amish that whole time. Thanks to my Grandma Yoder, I know a fairly good amount about Amish food culture. But for my Zehr side, the German side (verse the Swiss German/PA Dutch side. I know, I'm splitting German hairs here), I know very little about. If I remember my high school genealogy project well enough, I believe the Zehrs came over sometime in the 1800s. Food culture wise, I know nothing about this side. There is no weird paska-like thing leftover from the old country. (Mom and Grandma, correct me if I am wrong he…

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