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32: dreams come true

Okay well I don't know about that, but on June 14th, I definitely had a very dreamy birthday. (And 32, dreams come true rhymes, so I am sticking with it).

I love my birthday. Maybe a little bit less then I used to since getting older does kind of bum me out, but still, I love any reason to bust out of the mundane and celebrate. This year, my birthday fell on a Friday, which is really the best day of the week to have a birthday. I also decided to take that Friday off of work (to which Levent responded, "what? are you 12?" ha). But no regrets. My day off work was my gift to myself and it was the best choice.

The day started off way earlier than I thought it was. I woke up at my normal week day time and just decided to get up and go for a walk. The day started off chilly, if you can believe it. Plus, I saw a woodpecker, two cranes swooping around the creek and one sneaky fox who bolted out across the road in front of me. Enjoying the cool weather, I got a coffee and drank …

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