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Mom and Dad's Anniversary Family vacation

Destination: Destin Florida!

Well, more actually Miramar Beach, which is a little east of Destin.

Last week, my entire family (sans Levent) headed down south for the gift my siblings and I gave our parents for their 40th anniversary and my Dad's 70th birthday this fall: A vacation to the white sand beaches of Florida. My mom has wanted to go here for a really long time; so we finally figured out how to make it happen (thanks to Janice's connections).

The water was so beautiful and clear! I couldn't believe it. We could see our feet and watch fish swim around. That beach lived up to the hype. 

(We also ate donuts so good that I think about them often...So if you're ever in Destin, go to Destination little donuts. OMG. You will regret nothing).

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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