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Tis the season(s)

I am currently scrolling through my recent photos to try to decide what my "theme" is for this blog post will be. There isn't any clear narrative thread, which means there won't be one in this blog post either. You've been warned.

Just like the weather, the past few weeks have felt all over the place, which is definitely reflected in my google photos. I would also say that I have been "all over the place" but being home or in Winnipeg hardly qualifies. Thanks to traveling and global climate change, I have experienced summer, fall and winter within 7 days. It was hot when I left for my work trip, it snowed in Winnipeg (which is way too early even there), and now it's foggy, rainy and fall in Kansas. (Finally).

I actually get semi-annoyed at my Facebook connections who live in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio who constantly post "if you don't like the weather, just wait an hour" scenarios.  I lived in two of those states and, let me tell you,…

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