I started this blog with every intent of having deeply awesome things to say on a weekly basis about the food we eat and where it comes from. I thought for sure that I could keep it up.

But then summer ended.

And things started to die.

And then I moved to Kansas.

And I realized that I was trying too hard. I don't blog because I need to be social correct all of the time (though that would be great) and I certainly am no expert in anything.

So I decided to revamp this blog. Though I want the nature of it to be about being true to the hunt for the local lifestyle, the main focus will just be about life. About what is going on now. I kept waiting to have something profound to say and all that pressure that I was putting on myself quickly turned into procrastination, then apathy, then forgetfulness, then, well, I just plain quit and pulled this blog from the web.

Now I am back.

I can't promise I will have anything truly interesting to say but I can say that I want my life to be like this – this "returning to the land" idea. I believe this theme can shape the way I view a lot of things as I try to have an organic/authentic life in all ways – not just with food.

(I also got a kick-awesome camera that I want to use to capture, well, everything. Hopefully I can get some up here soon).


Let's try this again.