Conservatory Sunday

My soul finds rest in God alone
There is literally too much noise and light happening right now (it's currently 11:25pm) that I cannot sleep. Maybe if it was just one thing I'd be able to sleep. But it's not. It's the combination of the tv downstairs, the people talking outside, the brilliant person with the insane base pumping on the street and the occasional green-line el passing by literally next door to the house. I like the idea of the city.

Until it keeps me from falling asleep.

I appreciate city life - at least, sometimes I really do. I love the culture, the diversity, the fact that things are open past 8pm and the endless options of food and entertainment that is occasionally free. But when I am in the city, I find myself wishing for the solid found in the rural areas of my life. It's ironic. I guess I always want what I can't have.

This morning I went to the Conservatory that is just down the street from my house. It is this beautiful little botanical getaway tucked in the middle of Garfield Park. It is lovely. And although my garden paradise was intermixed with the constant reminder of the city- the rush of the el, the smell of BBQ drifting over from the park and the faint hint of someone's music- it was nice to feel a peaceful silence. Not the type of silence that rings in your hears after being in the house by yourself for too long kind. But the kind that is just really the sound of water running, birds singing and the occasional breeze in the trees. Man, I just want to own some land so I can garden. But in the meanwhile, I am just going to grab my mp3 player and hope that things settle down soon.

good night