Screen time

Too much of it is really the problem...

I have a lot of time on my hands. Even though I have burst of ideas of how to be productive, eventually I come back to the screen. It seems like everything that I need to be doing is connected to the computer. Look for a job. Look for writing gigs. Write. all of it is connected to this dumb electronic devices that eventually hurts my eyes and turns my brain into oatmeal.

The problems as soon as I am done doing all the "physical activities" I can think of - dishes, sweeping, etc, then I am back to this issue: what should I be doing right now? and the answer usually comes back to sending out resumes. (Yikes, I cannot believe it's already July). and so I am back to the screen.

Thankfully I have plans later this afternoon so I can escape this technological prison that I find myself trapped in. But what should I do in the meanwhile? - well post this blog, of course.