Weekend Update

I find myself between this strange mix of blog-emotions. I either want to blog all the time and carry my camera around just in case I might find something that I could blog about. On the flip side, sometimes I forget about blogging altogether. This weekend is a good example of that. I forgot about it completely.

Nothing too monumental happened this weekend (so I probably won't post this one on facebook). Nevertheless, I still enjoy recording where I went and what I ate (for future Chicago trips). So here, my dears, are the highlights.

On Friday, I went to a coffee shop called "The Star Lounge." Yep. It definitely sounds like a strip club but I assure you, it is not. It was actually a pretty cool place -although I decided to venture from my usual order of an iced mocha and tried one of their crazy sounding iced teas. I had a "sweet leaf shaker." It was really bad. It was a green tea based tea with lime juice and some other juices that I cannot remember. I did but some honey in it though, which took away the extremely bitter taste and helped me drink the whole thing. After all, I did pay around 5 bucks for it so there was no way I wasn't drinking it. yikes). I also met a new friend there - which is a whole other story, and one that hasn't really finished unfolding yet. Out of all of the coffee places I've been too, I will probably revisit this one for two main reasons: 1. I haven't actually tried their coffee yet (They roast their own beans too, which is awesome). 2. It's really close to where I live and so I can drive there. So win-win-win.

Saturday morning, I made my way to Oak Park (a suburb of Chicago right off the Green Line so it still feels like it's part of the city). I needed to pick up some cake balls and brownies for Jim and Krista's cookout and so found myself at Bleeding Heart Bakery. Not only does this bakery have all these delicious looking goodies, but they use organic, local, and sustainable methods. What is not to love?

After I picked up what I needed, I decided to check out the Oak Park Farmer's Market.This market is held in a church parking lot and the church that hosts it makes homemade donuts from their basement. Unfortunately I didn't try one but I will definitely be back. Instead, I bought some raspberries which I took home to freeze so I can make raspberry iced tea when I get back from my July travels.

(Sidebar: At the farmer's markets I saw these round zucchini. I really wanted them to be gem squash - a veggie I loved in South Africa. Clearly, these zucchini were just a round variety, but I still felt the need to take a photo).

On Sunday, Krista and I headed to the Folk and Roots Festival held in Old Town. Minus the fact that I kind of got "stood up" (weird story), it was a good time - a good, super humid time. We missed all the bluegrass stuff, which was mostly on Saturday (bummer), but we did get to participate in a clogging class - well the tail end of it. It was awesome and made the whole terribly hot day worth it.

And that is what you missed this weekend.

Oh- that and the air conditioning breaking in the house. yikes. Hopefully that gets fixed today.


  1. Oak Park Farmers market is rather awesome! did u try any of the donuts made in the church basement? delicious!


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