..and a little bit of this.

Nothing much to say this evening. But I wanted to blog regardless. ha.

Actually, I would say that today was my last day at work here - but surprise, it is not. I am actually going to come back next weekend and help out Austin for a day. But I guess you could say that today was my last breakfast.

and it was a disaster.

Actually not really (just internally within myself). I got to work this morning - extremely early (like 5:55am) all set to make biscuits and gravy. I even had the biscuits pre-made and frozen in the freezer pre-baked. I opened the fridge to get out cooked sausage that I had set aside for this breakfast... was gone. What?

This is not the first time that someone took sausage out of the DOOR fridge. The time before this they took a whole 5lb package out of the freezer. So frustrating.

Anyway my only options were cereal (which would've left me nothing to do for a solid hour before breakfast) or pancakes. Pancakes won. Luckily I had brought some flour from home as a back up in case my biscuits didn't bake correctly because otherwise I would've had to use the "plastic pancake" mix on my last day and then I might've cried. In the end, I work up Alissa to have her bring some applesauce from the faith house fridge because I was convinced I had given that away. (False. I did not. I felt so bad for waking her up for nothing). Everything worked out - but it was really not how I wanted to end breakfast. Plus, I hate pancake day. I get flour all over my body.

Shifting gears here.

Tonight Krista and Jim took me out for dinner. (Yeah! I love trying new places to eat, especially when I don't have to pay. Incredible). Tonight we went to this restaurant that is actually a chain (but that's okay because it's different then any chain I've ever been too). We went to Native Foods, which is actually a vegan restaurant. Sounds weird right? Sure. but it definitely was so delicious.

I had a lavender lemonade (awesome) and the portobello and "sausage" burger. (It was juicy grilled portobellos with their homemade native sausage seitan, caramelized onions, salsa, sweet roasted garlic, creamy pumpkin seed pesto and vegan mayo). It was so good. wow. loved it.

Afterwards they took me to i cream. So definitely the best food-filled evening ever. (Just in case you are wondering I had vanilla ice cream with almonds, coconut and nutella. wow. amazing).

I am really going to miss endless food options.