Constance and Anna's intense day of fun 1.0

Because of my work schedule, Connie and I have only been able to have two complete days when we didn't have anything planed. It's been okay though since we decided to compact our fun into two "intense" days. It's great.

Here is the recap of Wednesday - our first intense day of fun.

We started the day off going to the Green City Market (ah yes, farmer's markets are the best).

Although this didn't really make sense since we were going to be gone all day, but because of the time it got over we had to go first. We were determined nevertheless. It turned out to be fairly humorous as I hulled around two ears of corn, one orange Indian cucumber, and a carton of plums.

This was nothing compared to Connie's purchase. She bought the biggest cantaloupe she could find and carried around all day. (Yep. She is a champion because by all day I mean all day. We got to the market around 11 and we got home around 9 something. so yes, long day). Although I am sure it was quite the challenge all day for her - it was pretty great to laugh about it throughout the day as we hulled all this produce around the city.

Totally worth it. (Tonight we had chickpea cakes with yogurt sauce, corn on the cob, cucumbers, and, of course, cantaloupe... which we thought would be a good thing if we ate it in one day. We did it. It was great). 

One of the latest issues of this magazine called Time Out featured a story about cheap eats. Hmm... we are all about that, especially since I feel like I have literally eaten my savings account since moving here. (worth it? absolutely). One of cheap eats mentioned in article was the Austrian Bakery in Lincoln Park that featured a lentil soup for about $3.25. So off we headed. It was pretty average and definitely not what this place is known for I am sure, but it came with two slices of homemade bread so that bumped it up to worth it. Plus I paid $3.25 for lunch. Awesome.

It was so cheap in fact that it made spending at least a dollar more for frozen yogurt completely legit. We went to this place we past called Yoberri (which is the first yogurt place I've been to that wasn't self-serve). But I had chocolate with granola so it was still nice... even if it was more than my lunch.

After our food adventures, Connie and I headed up to our old romping groups - Uptown. We stopped at two thrift stores before we decided that we really needed a pick-me-up and a break. So we headed to Dollop (one of Radical Journey's "favorite" places to chill in the neighborhood).

We had some iced coffee drinks and read our books and rebooted for the next part of the journey.

The main plan for the day was supper. We wanted to go and get Indian food on Devon street. So we hopped on the red line and hopped off way too soon. But this, my friends, was destiny. We were walking up Broadway when we came across a thrift/antique/junk shop and decided, eh, why not? This is where I met the most beautiful, almost-Carolina blue suitcase. And for $4.50, it was mine. (It is currently sitting in the corner of my room where I keep looking at it and smiling). It needs a little airing out and some goo-be-gone, but otherwise, it is perfection... as far as luggage goes.

(post-adventure shot)
So now it is me and the suitcase and Connie with the melon, still heading further north.

(my loot)
 We had no real plan for Devon street. So, instead, we randomly picked a place that looked "good enough." We ended up at Hema's Kitchen. It actually was really good (although we had to pay for both bread and rice separately - so an extreme rip off. It was maybe worth it thought for a chance to sit down and drink some water.. oh and eat curry).

Yep. it was intense. But it was so worth it. (Plus I am sure we walked about 5k so it is legit that we spent our entire day eating food... duh).



  1. Laura Says:
    how wonderfully fun!! so excited you guys had a great time!! :) Sure you don't just want to live in Chicago so I can come visit you there any time? ;)


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