Constance and Anna's intense day of fun 1.2

Hooray for Friday. Today, Connie and I headed out again into the city for a day filled with food. Yep. This is what we do when we are together - eat food, talk about food, make food, buy food, etc. It is the best. As I mentioned in my last blog, we read an article in a previous issue of Time out that featured cheap food items all around the city. Today, we spend completely focus on traveling around the city and trying them out.

We actually spent a really long time on the bus. Wow. But actually, it was pretty nice (minus the fact that waiting forever for the bus always seems to take way longer than the el thus making me grumpy and really impatient). It was nice in the sense that I got to see way ore of the city that I had never been in before.

We started our day by going to Bucktown. We were going to find a place for morning coffee but because of the extremely long trip (and the fact that we got distracted by this huge thrift store (Village Discount Outlet) on the corner of Armitage and Milwaukee. These are my types of distractions, especially since I got a sweater for $1.50. awesome). By the time we got do the street we were looking for, it was time for lunch - well or our first food stop of the day. We went to this middle eastern place called Babylon for their 99 cent falafel pita. Delicious.

We did stop for some coffee at Bucktown Beanery...

The sign in the bathroom at the Beanery
 ...before we yet again hopped on the bus and went back up to my new favorite place in town - Devon street. The combo of middle eastern, Indian, and eastern European culture makes my heart smile a lot. Here, we went to another Time out suggestion - Argo Georgian bakery for their hachapurl (a pastry stuffed with farmer cheese, mozzarella, and feta). yum. (This was my favorite thing all day.).

It was really hot by this time, which made me really want a smoothie or something wonderful like that. When we were heading to the bakery we past a place called Patel's Cafe. It look wonderful so we stepped inside the mumbai juice bar for a little break. I had an awesome mango smoothie and Connie had some pistachio ice cream. The rest of the Indian sweets looked really good too. This is a place were I definitely would come again.

And then finally, we thought it would be fitting to get some samoosas, since they are cheap and we ate them all the time in South Africa. So we stopped at another snacks and sweet shop (King's Sweets), picked some veggie samoosas and headed to the beach to enjoy them. We ended up wandering around Loyola's campus for awhile before we finally found a good place to chill. (South Africa definitely makes better samoosas then King Sweets, but it was still good).

For our final adventure we headed out on Montrose (way out on Montrose - wow) to go to this fish shop. The magazine had highlighted a cheap fish sandwich (which Connie had), but at this point my stomach had realized all the really greasy food I had consumed, so I opted for an even cheaper calm chowder. It was average. But that's fine. The whole point of the day was to hang out with Connie and enjoy the city and the cheap food it had to offer. and that's what happened.

We also got severely hit on today. Holy crap. When we first got off the bus this morning to transfer to another one we got cat-called/hit on three times in about 5 minutes. It was unreal. After that we decided to keep track off them - not that we thought it was nice or enjoyed it but we counted it anyway. By the time we got home we had a grand total of 13. weird. And actually our only el experience was maybe the worst, uncomfortable experience I've had all summer.  (ugh. we felt so angry, annoyed, embarrassed, etc. It was unreal). Men are certainly a strange sex.

Other than that though, it was a fairly delicious day. We didn't get lost once and I feel like I know why more of the city now. Plus hanging out with Connie is great. I really enjoy having a buddy to enjoy the city with.

Intense fun day face II
So was all the bus riding worth it? Absolutely.