The last supper

 Sorry. This blog has a terrible title. At this point in the evening though, I could care less.

As you might've been able to guess, tonight was my last supper with DOOR Chicago. It was very uneventful actually. The groups didn't get back until late so Alissa came down and helped me (which was way nicer than having to direct a bunch of middle school boys how to read the directions off the lemonade container). Honestly, cooking for such as "small" group of people as 16 seems so easy. And actually, I still managed to make way more food than we needed. Ridiculous.

It was a little sad in the fact that the reason I made fajitas (something I haven't done until this evening) was because Martin kept asking me about them. I told him, "if ever our groups get ridiculously small, then I will." When I found out the group of 13 was coming, I was very excited for all the cooking and baking potential. So this week, fajitas went on the menu. And then Martin's train was delayed for about a week... well not a week... but long enough that he missed dinner tonight. (Also, we had thought Austin would be around for supper, and then she was not). So as Halo, Alissa, and myself sat at the table by ourselves again, it still felt very empty. (I also had about 10 minutes to down my food before the clean up crew needed my help...bah).

Oh well.

And thus evening meals at DOOR ended. Even though I am sure I won't eat taco salad or sausage pasta again for a very, very long time, I am very glad for these DOOR meals with the staff. Even when I had to listen to Chris and Martin debate about ridiculous things, it still was a good time. Often, the highlight of my weeks (the fellowship, not the debating or taco salad).

But I will admit that it will be nice to go back to cooking with no or under 1 pound of meat. wow. That's going to be wonderful.