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This is a blog of odds and ends.

I feel like I've been a little bit "too hard" on the group that is here this week. They are a good group of people. I think I've just been grumpy because of the whole transitioning, getting go, and being "left behind" thing.

Last night in my blog I forgot to mention that I found this note sitting by my bag at the end of the meal.

aww, right? Though I found out this morning that they were giving "missions" for each day and the goal for Tuesday was to write someone an anonymous note. Still, even though it was partly obligation, it was nice for this person to think of me.

Today was a good day. I went to a coffee shop I had seen in passing in Lincoln Park. And even though that neighborhood is way too rich and white for my taste, I believe that this Noble Tree Coffee and Tea place is my new favorite coffee joint in Chicago. (Plus my shot was pulled correctly. Praise God for properly trained baristas). I haven't gone to a coffee shop to write since my "star lounge" run in, and that was...at the beginning of July. yikes.

 So it was really refreshing (although I did spend a good deal of time trying to make sense of some of this GRE packet). Plus, on my way home I stopped at the Green City Market again and bought some peaches and some cow/goat cheese that is crazy good.

This evening, I headed downtown with Halo and Alissa (and Kevin - her boyfriend) to eat Chicago style pizza (thanks to a coupon that Alissa had). It was a great, relaxing time just to chill and be and talk about the summer that is suddenly gone.

Even though I just started hanging out with these ladies, I am really going to miss them. I can't help feeling though that I am going to see them around. That is somewhat comforting to me right now.

And speaking of leaving... I started packing yesterday. It was a very hot process. So I stopped. But I think that MJ the cat would like to come with me.

I really need to go to bed. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to be insane one last time (well here in Chicago) and make biscuits and gravy. Oh man, I am a little bit nervous...


  1. Laura says:
    awww! Take the cat with you!! :) i love you banana, good luck transitioning!!


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