What Summer Should Be

It's been a really long time since I opened up this screen and decided to blog. Actually, I wish I hadn't been so lazy. I've done a lot of things and gone a lot of cool places that I would like to write about solely so I can remember them for future return visits to Chicago.

On some level, I am okay with the fact that I have been blogging less. My social activities have definitely increased, which is a completely breath of the fresh air compared to those dark, lonely days I stayed at home and stared at the computer screen. I still do that (well, stare at the computer screen, especially job search engines) but I also have gotten to the point where I love Chicago again and love the people that I have met on this brief journey. It's been great.

And now it's time to start saying goodbye. Again. That is what eats at me the most. I know that people come in and out of lives all the time, all the while enriching our lives to the fullest extent. But letting go of them is always the hardest. Dang it.

But that's not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is so I can upload photos and show y'all what in the world I have been up to lately.

Last Wednesday my sister came into town, which is exactly how I like my Chicago - romping around it with Leah. Okay so my sister and I mostly come to Chicago so we can eat. It's a joke - but one based on a lot of truth. We had brunch at Meli Cafe in Greek Town, smoothies at Jamba Juice, and dinner at an awesome (though really small and dark) vegetarian resturant called the Mana Food Bar in Wicker Park (where I had the best cheesy polenta I've ever had in my life. so good).

Eggs Benedict at Meli

That following Friday was our DOOR " end of the summer retreat" that was neither the end of job nor a retreat. Since one of our staffers is leaving at the end of this week, we went out to celebrate at Navy Pier. We got all dressed up and headed out on the town. However, we first stopped at Summer Dance in Grant Park to briefly pick up some swing dance lessons before we had to hurry off to the Pier to catch our boat. It was a great evening of dinner, dancing, and seeing Lupe Fiasco.

 On Sunday my dear Kansan friends stopped by briefly to see me so we had an impromptu dinner at a pizza by the slice place.(Which was actually the size of my entire head).

And on Wednesday my old high school friend, Alicia Crowe came to visit. We spent the afternoon picnicking in the park, catching up, looking at weird prehistoric-looking fish at Shedd Aquarium, and eating tasty food.

So as you can see, it's been a full schedule since I got back from vacation. I am so grateful really - to live in a place so unique with friends who have suddenly become very dear to me.

This is really what summer should be about.