crafty crafty

The weather is cooling down and I have a lot of down time so I figured it is about time to pick up crocheting again. (I take really long breaks from it - so long that I usually have to youtube how to do basic stitches. ridiculous). So most evenings, I sit in the living room and go crazy with my crocheting hook. It's been pretty satisfying. For maybe the first time in my life I haven't had to rip out the whole thing multiple times (only twice and right at the beginning). It also looks better than anything I've ever made before. This is exciting. Usually my stuff really looks like I have no idea what I am doing (and that I take tons of breaks). It also didn't take me 3 months. Maybe a week and half.


I thank Constance for this motivation. She is a knitting champion. When she came to visit me in Chicago she was making socks. yep. how cool is that? I strive to be awesome like that.

For my next project-  I will take a break from crocheting (it's really expensive) and pick up painting again. 

Also, another exciting thing that happened this evening was that I planted the fall batch of some lettuce and spinach. According to a central Illinois planting chart online, I am too late for spinach. I decided to just go for it though and hope for the best. It's in the cold frame though so maybe I can remember to check the weather every evening. (Probably not. but it's a good idea). I don't actually anticipate any of it coming up - but you never know. This isn't Kansas. There is a good deal of hope found in this black soil.

For my next gardening/sustaining agriculture project, I chose to stick with Morton's theme: Pumpkins. My brother came back from him father-son bike ride this evening holding a cooking pumpkin. Someone gave it to them on their journey and he balanced it back home. We could be all cutesy and carve it. But, no thanks.My goal last fall was to kill a pumpkin, and I never got around to it. Now there is one sitting on the counter.

I am coming for you orange orb! (I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet though...)