Fall Favs

Here are some more favorite things about fall.

Butternut squash is in season!!! I about freaked out on Tuesday when I saw it at the Peoria's farmer's market. "Hello, baby!" might have been what I said when I picked up that beautiful orange squash. (After Aaron noticed all the seeds in the compost bucket he said "oh no, now we'll have squash growing in our compost pile." I said. "Good. that's the dream.")

(I didn't think to take a photo until we had already devoured it)
 'Tis the season for canning. I love canning things. This is what I tell people I want to do with my life. (So I either need to marry rich so I can afford to stay home and do these types of activities. Or join the Amish. Both valid options I think).

I also love when the weather cools. Don't get me wrong, I would prefer it to stay 70 degrees always, but I really love when the evenings cool down to at least 60 something. It is beautiful. Why? Well, so I can wear flannel. (Hopefully someday I will have a friend who has the space for a bonfire - then I will combine two favorite fall things together).

Today contained all three. I am wearing my flannel shirt now. I canned three pints of salsa from Aaron's tomato plants (and the onions/peppers from the farmer's market). And we had whipped honey butternut squash for dinner. It was so good. The kids at least tried it.

Yep. good day. I am also convinced it is Saturday.