Hello Autumn

I just had a conversation with my brother about tea. (This is the type of influence I have over people's lives). When the weather gets cooler the amount of tea I partake of increases dramatically. (This is the only good thing about winter. Well that and soup).

For all my consistent blog readers out there, you will know that I've been trying to eat at least a spoonful of local honey each day to help with my allergies (I think it is starting to help, actually). I eat it on my cereal (which I was set against until I realized my Kashi cereal had no flavor at all. So I tried honey and found it delightful). Mainly, though, I get my daily honey through my evening cup of tea. It's not bad.

Since I've came here to Morton, my brother has started drinking tea with me whenever I make it at night. Tonight, he tried this white tea I've been drinking with my honey. He had me make his and everything because he was unsure about the honey amount. So I did. and he doesn't like it.


After I tried a sip, I told him, "oh, well. You can always try again."

He responded. "Yep. Tonight might be a two-tea night."

"That's the best type of night!" I told him enthusiastically. Aaron then made some comment about how we just sounded like old women. (Maybe so, but my experience at Mojo's has taught me that true old women don't want tea - they just want a mug of hot water. no lie).

Drinking large amounts of tea though makes me think about fall. Actually, I've been thinking about fall a lot on this labor day. (This is the 3rd year in a row that I haven't been "working" and thus this day usually comes and goes fairly unnoticed since my life right now is like one big labor day). I've always thought it was funny that when Labor day came it was like this distinct line between summer and fall. between fun and school. (Although, back in the day, we were already in the new school year when this weekend rolled around). But this year, that line, which is usually vague, stood out to me. The sudden change in the weather has been a nice reminder that yes, fall is coming.

Although I complain a lot about winter, I really do enjoy the very beginning of every season. The new-ness of it makes me excited. And when the weather goes from about 100 to 70 in just a couple of days, then yes, this is a really exciting time.

Here are some more ways that I've noticed Autumn's slow arrival into our lives - (and by that I mean mostly just today. Who knows, it could be 90 degrees tomorrow).

This morning I went to Eli's to get coffee with a friend from Bluffton (aka "the body :-), and I opted for my first non-iced drink of the season. It's a for sure the season is changing when I opt not to put ice cubes in my mocha. Yep, fall is coming.

Over the past few days, I've noticed this strange smell in the air. I knew it smelled like someone was cooking some type of vegetable but for the life of me I could not figure it out. Sweet potatoes? No? was it squash?

That's when I remember where I was.

I live in the pumpkin capital of the world. Since this is a small town, practically every one lives "near" the pumpkin factory. The smell of the pumpkin harvest is literally in the air. Things are starting to smell like fall.

This morning when my alarm went off (and also when I thought I was going to die of exhaustion),  I made the decision to go running in the evening. But tonight I didn't get out the door til close to 8. Wow. It was really dark. On some of the side streets where I ran I had to go really slow (I mean slower than I usually go - so practically walking) because I was afraid I was going to trip over the uneven sidewalk. Fall is coming. and so is early darkness. bah.

One last observation, that is not necessarily a fall thing but definitely a labor day thing: Today when I was walking back from working at the store, I literally smelled peoples' grills all the way home. It was awesome. The smell was still pretty strong in the air when I was running. (We, of course, added to this ourselves. yum).

I"m on my second cup of tea now. It's great.

Goodbye summer! Hello Autumn. Happy Labor Day everyone!