needing to breathe

Early this summer, I found out that I had missed a "secret" concert by my favorite band in my favorite city. I found out a week too late. After my frustration ended, I went to look at Needtobreathe's website to see if I could catch a different concert someplace else later on in the year.

sold out.
sold out.
sold out.

Until I noticed that tickets were still on sale for a Wichita concert. And thus I planned my Kansas trip accordingly.

Just kidding. But seriously, I was planning on going out there to visit, interview, and so it made sense to go out when this concert was going to be happening.

I am so glad that I convinced people to come with me and that I drove 10 hours "just to see this band." It was so so so so worth it.

I love this band and everything that they are - southern, great musicians who suddenly exchange their guitars for a banjo,(Yep, I love me some banjo) mandolin, and a harmonica, and a band that is made up of people who love Jesus- not a "Christian" band, (which is about as dumb as saying one is a "Christian" plumber. what does that mean)?

They also make great driving music. Driving out to Kansas, I listened to a very small variety of things since I listed to their new album "The Reckoning" so many times. It was fabulous.

I love the whole album, but the song "Keep your eyes open" is my current jam since it is very applicable to my life.  (Instead of quoting it (which I think kills all impact any song could possibly have) I am going to post a a link of it instead). 

It makes me want to move to the south, stand in the sunshine and smile.

My favorite part of the concert that is worth mentioning in this blog was the very end. The new norm now for things like this is to do an encore (which is kind of ridiculous in most situations). Well, after the crowd shouted "one more song" enough times, Needtobreathe came back out to do just that. But then they unplugged, picked up acoustic guitars, a mandolin, and an according. They told everyone to move in close because they were going off mic. It was incredibly beautiful - and a mash up of their song "a place only you can go" and "stand by me." I thought my heart might burst with joy.

I realize that even though this was an incredible experiencing, reading this blog probably isn't. My bad. Regardless, if you don't know needtobreathe, check them out. Also look up Clarensau - a Wichita group that opened that evening. I always have low expectations for opening groups but they are really chill and lovely.