Annie Applesauce

Beauty came to me today in the form of 14 quarts of quietly yellow applesauce shining on the counter top.

I love canning. So when my mother told me that they had gotten a box of apples from the farmer's market for me, I was pretty excited. I cannot wait to have my own apple trees and be overwhelmed each autumn with apples. That is the dream.

For now, I am happy to live off the grace of my parents (and others who donate produce to me) and to experiment with different varieties each canning season. This year, mom got these beasts called Mutsu (which is a cross between a golden delicious and a Granny Smith). They were MONSTROUS!

I was planning on smooshing these babies myself since Sunday afternoons are when my parents like to chill, sleep, and generally do nothing. Thankfully, my mom decided to help. (Canning things along is a very lonely and long process).

After a few hours (and an even longer time waiting for these jars to seal in their bath), we had our canned applesauce.

I've come a long way with applesauce. I used to tell people, I like applesauce just as much as I like salad and John Mayer. It's fine, but really I prefer something else. But then I started getting into eating as much locally grown, seasonal things as I possibly could. And what is the best fruit to eat in the winter? applesauce. Plus, homemade is way better than store bought any day. My whole perspective changed all because I wanted to eat more ethically and healthy. (John Mayer is still average though).

I don't know when I started thinking applesauce was average. Growing up, we ate it all the time in the winter. The best part was when it wasn't all the way defrosted. The applesauce would be in a bowl still mostly in the shape of the container. We would saw off chunks and eat it frozen. So good.  Also, I used to call my Uncle John - Johnny Appleseed. In return, he would call me Annie Applesauce. Applesauce has always been in my veins. I don't know why I ever fought against it. It is delicious.

Unfortunately, 14 quarts is not enough to last until strawberries are ready again. So maybe there is another canning session in my future? Right now, it's hard to say...