I decided this evening that the first time I take a shower in "my" bathroom at my parent's house in Asheville after being absent for months is the closest thing to a "spa experience" I've ever had.  It is so lovely.

I was unsure about this bathroom back in 2008 when I came here for the first time. After all, my parent's bought this house from an elderly lady who had a walk-in shower installed in this particular bathroom. You know, an old person shower with railings and everything. Obviously, I was skeptical about it. Dumb. It is awesome and huge. The light is very bright, the water pressure is great, it is not in a basement, the towels are white and fluffy and there are always really nice smelling soaps. This is what it would be like if a shower could hug you.

Besides the whole showering experience, I decided that the best part about arriving back in Asheville is the moment when I flop down on my bed. Only after sleeping on a futon for 4 months (going on 5), can one truly understand this. I might never get up.

I decided today that Needtobreathe's music becomes even better if one is listening to it driving on Carolina highways deep in the mountains. It's a whole new level of greatness.

But more importantly, I decided this morning at 8am that I am moving back to Kansas. Yep. I took that job at Bethel College (... and thus back to Mojo's as well). It kind of terrifies me. I am hoping to do freelance graphic design work for Adore also so it's kind of like I am doing both. I hope this is the best decision. I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night because I was in extreme "torment" over which option to go with. I am completely exhausted.

This blog post is how I deciding to tell everyone about what is next.


  1. You're moving back to Kansas! For this I am excited.


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