The Friday reasons for moving to the south

I go through a lot of strange emotions whenever I am back in Asheville. A lot of them have to do with this exhausting life stage that I am in. The places where I really want to live are never the places I end up. (Never is maybe too extreme of a term, after all, I am only 24. But at least right now, that is the trend).

Here I am in North Carolina and all day long my heart was filled up to the brim with "Asheville love." (It might have also been partly due to a huge caffeine buzz I had this afternoon, but I doubt it). 

So here are my Friday reasons as to why I wished I lived here.

1. I went to "breakfast" with my mom and a group of women from church. I really love the people at AMC. They have done so much for me. I like being around them - even if I have to go to weird places like "J & S Cafeteria" to see them. (This place is seriously a cafeteria. As someone who didn't graduate from college too long ago, I don't understand why people want to come back to a "Marbeck" type of experience. weird).

2. My mother and I quickly ran to Old Navy this morning. It took us less than 10 minutes to get there. I love living in a place where it doesn't take a solid 45 minutes to get someplace. (This includes Chicago. I love that place. I believe in the CTA. But dang it took forever to get anywhere).

3. I went to Black Mountain this afternoon (a nearby town) to do something that I've been wanting to do since Christmastime. I bought moccasins.

 They are awesome.

4. The main reason I go to Black Mountain is to go to this coffee shop called The Dripolator. (There is one in town here too but the parking is free in Black mountain).

Sometimes the baristas are hit and miss (as far as their ability to pull a espresso shot), but it has a great vibe. Today, I finally decided to get one of those reusable plastic cups to 1. reduce my carbon footprint and 2. stop borrowing them from Adore and 3. it was half off and I got a free drink (which was a size too large for me - hence the caffeine hype).

5. When I got home I realized I had a letter from UNC-Asheville. I had applied at some type of admin assistant job awhile ago. Well, this letter was obviously a rejection but it did say this: "The committee did ask that I communicate to you how impressed they were with your experience and skills." After months of being rejected by silence, this felt like a rejection in the form of a hug. Who knows if this is a generic statement or not, but I am going to pretend like it's the real deal.

6. My parent's brought home "Webo's BBQ" for dinner. (The name is so great from my perspective because that is what we called my RJ teammate, Gabby - whose last name is Weibo. Christian started calling her Weiboz all the time). Anyway, this right here is why I still haven't made the leap to vegetarianism. Delicious.

(Also, it wasn't until I "moved here" that I realized I've been eating coleslaw wrong my entire life. It goes on the pulled pork, people. Try it. It'll change your entire world).

7. The trees are starting to change color and with all those trees on the mountains - wow.

8. I enjoy being in a place where it is completely legit/normal to refer to your parents as "mama and daddy," which sounds really strange coming out of a 24 year old in a northern context. Here, it's fine. 

9. I haven't done this yet, but at some point I am going to sit on the porch, in the cool evening air and journal.

This is how life should be.