One last tomato time

I feel pretty good that today is the... (wait let me check, I feel as if I no longer have any concept of time)...uh..3rd of November and I am still in the process of canning things. Well, or at least my canning adventures came to a seasonal close today.

Part of this happening is due to the fact that I now live in Kansas, where it is supposedly milder than Illinois, thus harvest last longer. (Though, it apparently "snowed" last night. I don't really believe that Kansas is more mild - mostly I think it is tricky and heartless).

Leah bought a bunch from last (boo) farmer's market of the season last Saturday and I brought a bunch I had gathered off Aaron's tomato monster bushes literally 5 minutes before I left town. Needless to say, we had too many. Since some of them were going bad we needed to can them quickly or we'd lose most of them. (Plus, the ones from Morton weren't very good raw - which was too bad because they were delicious all season. But then again these babies did go through 1 or 2 frosts).

 Usually, canning takes a ridiculous amount of energy. Coming home after a long day of work does not make me very excited about canning. But we loved these tomatoes too much to let them go into the compost. So we did it any way.

Actually, it didn't take very long, especially since we were just dicing them and there were two of us. I love canning, but canning alone isn't very much fun. It takes so much longer, is more exhausting, and feels rather lonely. I was happy to be by my sister's side as I gutted these red obs and plopped them in pint jars. (Plus, it took a village to raise these tomatoes, so it wouldn't be right canning them alone).

 I also made a huge mess. 

We only made 4 pints, so it didn't take very long.

Now these red lovelies are sealed and cooling on the counter.

This is our official end to the harvest season - which I guess is okay. After all, Christmas commercials are already on TV. (ridiculous).

However, this is not the end of my blog . It will take some more creativity on my part to try and keep my entries true to the "theme," but like Aaron's fierce tomato monsters, I'm going to press on anyway.


  1. Theme, schmeme. I love how honest you are in your blog Anna. I love you little nuggets of true, raw life lessons.


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