Small Business Saturday

My mother was the first one who told me about Small Business Saturday. At first I thought it was just an Asheville, NC thing. (Every day could essentially be "small business Saturday" since that community places a huge emphasis on the local movement, which is one of the many reasons why I love it there).

I was pretty pumped when I realized that no, this is not just an Asheville thing, but rather a nationwide movement (ironically started by a national corporation). If we cannot stop the insanity of the snowballing Black Friday effect, (which I am pretty convinced will eventually shallow up Thanksgiving), it's nice to know that at least some of this over the top commercialism can be somewhat channeled into something proactive.

So did I participate?

Obviously. However, for the last few Saturdays, Leah and I have been doing  our own version of "small business Saturday." This includes shopping in downtown Newton as we try to get our Christmas lists accomplished. So this is nothing significantly different.

I have never been one of those people that Christmas shop outside of the month of December. Usually, I wait until some of the last possible moments, which is always a bad idea. Last year was particularly terrible when some overdue culture shock surprised me in the middle of the mad Target Christmas crowds and I basically started weeping.

After that near breakdown, Leah and I headed over to Panera where we made a pack that we would never again wait until the last minute to buy meaningless presents just because some holiday told us we "have to." Instead, all year long we would write down ideas whenever they presented themselves and then buy them before the week before Christmas (at least). This way, the gifts would be way more meaningful and making Christmas also be less stressful.

It hasn't worked out perfectly, but I have made significant progress though - and all before Black Friday too.

Regardless, since today was intended to give small business the boost they deserve during this crazy weekend, I wanted to participate.

Like every Saturday, we started our Newton shopping tour by going to Meridian grocery, which is a locally owned "scratch and dent" type of grocery store. (I bought some holiday tea). This was then followed up by hitting up some of the stores on main street - the Healthy Baby Boutique, Pages Book Store, and The Kitchen Corner for some Christmas shopping. (I bought something for my nephew).

So I didn't go full out crazy, (which is fine), but I still made it out in this "wind advisory" of a day and put my money where my heart is - in the local community. It felt pretty good, as it always does. Plus, now I have one less Christmas present to buy.