Christmas chomps


My roommate in college used to say that all of the time. Now, almost three years later, I find myself saying it all the time. 

Which leads me to the most event topic for my "trying to enjoy Christmas" themed blogs. 


I've mentioned before that since I am a baker by "profession," it's often hard for me to want to do any such thing at home.

But with all of these yummy looking Christmas goodies in magazines and online websites, I needed to find motivation somehow. Today, the stomach connected to my eyes won over the dried and cracked skin on my hands (screaming at me to never do the dishes ever again). After I made bread for the week, and pizza for supper, I still somehow found energy to make my first non-mojo's related Christmas goodie of the season: Chocolate thin mint cookies, (which taste like those delicious girl scout cookies, if I do say so myself).
    Chocolate Thin Mints
I even listed to Christmas music while I baked. Shocking, right? (More on that later). 

I did, however, managed to dump an entire sheet of them while I was taking them out of the oven - cookies falling all over the bottom and door. Also on the floor, which quickly turned into something that felt a lot like a game of curling as I tried to quickly keep them away from Scooter - the living vacuum cleaner. (Or the dog as he is more commonly known). 

Usually when something like that happens (and when I bake, it happens a lot), I get really frustrated - as in my whole day is typically thrown off balance. Tonight, not so much. Maybe it was the magic of Christmas. ha. 

Most likely, it was the fact that it was 8 less to dip in chocolate and thus less work and less keeping me from sitting on the couch. 

Regardless of all the cookies that managed to escape, I am still rather pleased with the results and will eventually add them to my growing recipe book. So win-win-win.

hooray for Christmas goodies.