Have yourself a merry little Christmas EP

It would be wrong to say that I love free stuff. It wouldn't be entirely true. After all, just because it's free doesn't necessarily mean I want it.

A truer statement would be to say, I love free stuff that I actually want.

And what do I want?


Okay, actually maybe there is fine line here between free music and free music that I actually want.

Since I've decided that I am going to be in the "Christmas spirit" this year, I realized I needed to get some Christmas music - and not the kind that I hate. You know, stuff I can actually get into. And there is no way I was going to leave this up to Pandora - the program you think is your friend but is really out to destroy your entire mind.

The only Christmas music I actually had was the cd my brother made for us awhile ago (which is instrumental piano and is by far my favorite thing there ever was). However, there is only a handful of songs on this album, so I needed more.

That is when I remembered about Noise Trade - the site that allows you to download featured music for free. Sure, most of the artists are ones I haven't heard of, but (thanks to Pandora) I am always in the mood to hear music by people I've never heard before.

I kind of went a little bit crazy and did end up deleting some but I also found some gems - like Drew Holcomb and Neighbor's Christmas album and this girl named Lauren Melendez who plays the ukulele. awesome. How can you not love that?


I finely have itunes!!


Because I can I finally keep my music on my computer because it no longer is a baby netbook.

yep. I am now a mac user.


It makes all my new Christmas Eps sound even better.