Little Miss Grumpy-Pants

I'm a grump.

Or maybe Grinch would be more appropriate in this season.

Every year, or so it seems, I find myself disliking Christmas more and more. I hate the commercialism of the thing, how it has slowly invaded my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving), how people die at Wal-Mart on Black Friday because of it, and having to endure terrible, terrible (TERRIBLE) Christmas music (I am dreading hearing multiple versions of "Santa Baby." ugh. awful. - Also, how does that song not creep everyone out? I mean, the concept of Santa is a little bit creepy anyway - this old man who "see you when you're sleeping." If this was real life, he'd be arrested. So add "Santa baby" to that and you get a whole new level of weird and creep).

Also, I hate winter with every fiber in my being. (The best Christmas I had was spent in a tank-top, soaking in the sun on my parent's porch in North Carolina. Yes. Please). So generally speaking, why would I ever want to dream of a white Christmas? I don't want to dig my car out of that. (Okay, so last year it snowed on Christmas Eve in Asheville...and all day Christmas, and I mean all day here people. It seemed so magical at the time. But since Asheville owns about 2 snowploughs, we were stuck inside for a long time. Things suddenly didn't seem to so magical after that). 

Maybe some of this "hating of the holidays" comes down to this "faith crisis" I find myself in. Who knows. But everything, (even holding candles and singing "Silent Night") seems like a cliche. The longer I do these things, the less and less meaning they seem to have, even things that are supposed to be sacred.

oh man.

One of my friends here really loves Christmas. She is about the exact opposite of me when it comes to this topic, which is fine. Since this is the case though, I am very determined to not be little, miss grumpy-pants about Christmas this year. I just need to embrace it for what it is and maybe spend more time drinking hot chocolate. (Otherwise, I might help ruin people's "jolliness").

So, negative energy, please get out of here!

...that's a little harder to do then just writing it.

I am so good at complaining and am often way more cynical than I need to be. But, I decided for the rest of this month (and maybe into the rest of the heart of darkness... I mean winter) I should try and find things I enjoy about this holiday season and winter in general. After all, there has to be something? When I was younger, my best friend, Bethany, and I would count down the days til Christmas and get so so so excited about it. (Maybe Christmas losses its charm after one is done getting a 2-3 week Christmas vacation).

So here is my favorite winter-themed thing for this evening:

The leg warmers Constance super-knitter McKinney made for me. They are awesome. Even though I can never get them to stay tied, I love them. And since I now own skinny jeans, I can easily find more ways to wear them. yes. yes. yes.

Warning: most of these favorite things will probably be pretty shallow or about food. But whatever.

I am hoping it will at least making me a more pleasant person to be around this winter.