I am cold most of the time.

Or so I am told.

My ex used to tell me that all of the time. But I know this couldn't possibly be true. After all, I run, bake over a hot oven, and don't live in the Arctic north - so clearly I get hot during the summer months.

But in the winter, I can never seem to warm up. Or so it seems. My feet at the worst. I've been known to wear regular socks doubled up with my wool ones paired with my slippers, under a blanket, and still need to use a heating pad to get them warmed.

Yep. Winter is a dark time.

However, instead of complaining about how cold it was today, I am going to report about the warm things from this weekend. (You can count this as part of my positive thinking holiday blog campaign).

I've been trying to bake bread for my family every week, that way we don't have to buy it from the store. Even though the smell of baking bread is delightful any season of the year, I find I appreciate it more in the winter. Plus, it warms up the kitchen - or maybe just myself if I chose to pull an old Manse trick and "hug the oven." (True story. And more South Africa nostalgia for you).

This Saturday I made bread and coffee at the same time. So essentially the kitchen smelled like heaven.

On Sunday, I went with my sister and brother-in-law to the David Crowder Band Concert in Wichita (which, as we found out there, is maybe their last concert ever..? That's what this man from the radio said. But why they would have their last show in Kansas when they are from Texas is beyond me).

Regardless, it was awesome. They even played a few Christmas selections too that I found myself enjoying because 1. one song was instrumental 2. the other Christmas song was in their "bustin' out the bluegrass" section - which, as you know, I love and makes me heartsick for the south.

It's cheesy to say but I must in order to make this fit into my blog - the concert "warmed" my soul. I love live music, especially when it's preformed by bands I love (and who know how to trade their electric instruments for banjos). It was grand.

and now I am going to make some tea, pile under some blankets, get off the screen and go read my book.

ah yes..