Winter weekend events

I am very good at doing nothing - especially on the weekend.

However, this weekend was an exception to that norm. On Saturday, I headed to Moundridge with my sister and two friends to this "farmer's market" at a coffee shop called "Sips."

A farmer's market in the middle of December? This has to be a joke, right?

Well, true. It actually was a bake sale they referred as a farmer's market. I was hoping for some winter vegetables, a ton of canned items and a few baked items to fill the tables. Mostly, it was just Christmas goodies, which is fine. It was still nice to see people make some type of effort. And hey, buying Christmas goodies from people in the community is still supporting local things. I can get into that.

Actually I did, I bought some local honey (yum) and a homemade dry Chai powder mix (which was super delicious as a dirty chai this morning).

On Sunday, I went with two friends to the Fray concert in Wichita. The main story that I must share with y'all is about one of the opening bands - Breathe Carolina. They sound wonderful right? Don't be fooled. They were a combination of a techo, dance, and scream-o band, which equals one loud mess.  The people sitting behind us were not fans either. Right before they came on, the radio DJs came on to announce we only had two bands left.

"And one of them is going to be hell!" One of the guys behind us shouted.

I thought they were being overdramatic. Nope, that is the most actuate description of what went down.

In the moment, I thought my ears were going to die as I lost all desire to listen to music ever, ever again. However, now I am glad I got to experience this and laugh about it with my friends. wow.

This is me trying to make the most out of Kansas life. See, there is stuff to do here. (Although, really, it wouldn't matter where I live. If there is winter there, all I will want to do is sit on the couch, under a blanket, clutching my tea, and reading a book).