Favorite things: vol 2

It has to be said that when Kansas pulls out 50-60 degree weather in the dead of January, it is a win. Often, I find myself not "embracing the prairie" (to quote my sister), but when I am not wearing my coat on January 16th I say "ha. ha. suck it Ohio (or Illinois)" True, it'll be back down in the 30s tomorrow, but hey, I will take what I can get.

Since warm spring-like weather makes my favorite things list, I thought I would once again feature one of my Christmas gifts on this second installment of "Anna's new favorite things."

But first of all, I must mention that this past weekend was great.  For one, it started off with one of my favorite activities: brunch. I love me some brunch. On Saturday morning, Leah and I had three friends over for what we decided would be the first of our "seasonal brunches." Delicious. Besides the obvious of the wonderful company, I enjoy events like this because it really isn't a lot of work on our part. My sister and I provided the main dish and everyone brought something to go along with it. It worked out nicely. For someone who is an extreme perfectionist, I would've definitely stressed out about trying to provide an entire meal (without getting up super early on a Saturday). Leah and I provide a ham and avocado egg scramble. I never thought of putting avo in scrambled eggs before and so that alone was worth mentioning (because it was so delicious. Side note: add it towards the end, otherwise I think it'll turn to goop).

Because the weather was nice this weekend, I finally had the chance to wear my new vest that Leah gave me for Christmas. I love this vest because it is 1. beautiful but also because it is 2. fair trade. Finding fair trade jewelry is one thing, but finding fair trade clothing is an entirely different story.

This particular vest is from Gem in Hand Jewelry. (Unfortunately, there isn't any clothing items featured on their site. But if you are looking for some more fair trade jewelry as well as handcrafted woodworking items, check them out).

I love when my things have a story. It makes them so much more fun to wear.