Five Favorites for Friday

This blog is brought to you by my awesome alliteration title. Here are some more interesting things that happened today.

2. Today, for the first time in my entire life, I ran a little over 4 miles straight. Last year, I ran the Emma Creek 5k. After I ran that, I knew I wasn't going to stop running but had no goals to push myself for more. After all, it's not like I think "hmm, I am really enjoying this" when I am running. (Never has that happened). But I am going to do that same run this spring again and I am trying to get my time down from fairly pathetic to, "eh, still pathetic, but not so bad." This is something I never thought I'd be doing. I felt good today when I ran - which is weird and knew before I finished mile 1 that I was going to do 4. And I did!! For some one who has a hard time following through on things, this was big.

3. I made my first 2012 valentine treat today at Mojo's. "Heartthrob" Sugar cookies. A fellow co-worked told me today that she thinks it's strange that I enjoy baking things for Valentines Day, when I hate Christmas so much. (For the record, I really don't hate Christmas). But she had a point. It's ironic and maybe evidence of my walking contradicting self. True.  However, I have actually found that making heart-shaped goodies and turning everything pink and red makes me not mind that day so much. Don't get me wrong here, I think Valentine's day is really dumb. But somehow making a cookie shaped like a heart, coating it with hot pink frosting, and labeling it "Heartthrob" in the pastry case, seems to make it way more interesting. I think this enjoyment really comes from last year when my co-worker, Sarah, and I named all the Valentine's themed things really dumb names. I hope to continue this proud tradition.

4. My current time is 10:24pm. This entire week I've gone to bed by at least 9:30. 10 is usually pushing it. But I am awake now. Why? Because I am sleep in tomorrow! (I am essentially dying right now and will shortly turn off the light. It is, however, nice to know that even if I chose to stay up later than usual, I can still get plenty of sleep. ah. yes.

5. I really enjoy naked juice. It's been on sale at Dillion's for the past two weeks. yum. Yesterday, I finally tried the "green machine" kind, which has always interested me, but looks really nasty. (After all, who wants to drink anything that is green. Nobody). But I tried it (and finished it this afternoon at work, which is why it still counts for today), and it was delicious. seriously. I really need to up my intake of veggies, so having it in a tasty beverage felt wonderful.

6. Tonight, I spent the most money I've ever spent at one single time. whoa. I got really nervous and I am pretty sure my heart was racing a little bit before I hit "purchase." But I did it! I just bought my plane ticket for my trip to Bolivia this June!!! I am really excited to visit my friends and see new things and try new foods, though I am really fairly nervous about all these travel details. But I know it will be okay - no matter how many weird, highly unlikely situations I play out in my head. I've been saving for a long time (and, in the long run, causes me to freak out less about how much I just spent). Besides, I am well on my way to completely my life goal of eating ice cream on every inhabited continent. I am currently 3 for 6. After June, I will be 4 for 6. That feels pretty good too.

Hooray for Fridays.


  1. wow going to bed by 9:30? i can't even remember the last time I went to bed that early lol ... and the Green Machine is awesome! it's my favorite Naked juice, though my son won't touch it haha


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