New favorite things

My sister has intentions to turn this old door into a table for the deck. It's going to be awesome. (It's not new, but this summer, I am sure it will be a favorite thing).

In the meanwhile, I realized that this might be my new favorite photo prop/backdrop. (However, I don't have a tripod and no one else was around). But speaking of new favorite things. I love the locket the my sister-in-law got for me for Christmas.

I have this thing where I try to only buy jewelry from fair trade vendors, local artisans, and second hand. I made this pack during my senior year at Bluffton. After being fairly frustrated about the corporate, capitalist, corrupt system we live in, I was looking for small ways to resist the machine (so to speak) but mostly make it better.

I've actually done pretty good with this pack, for the most part. Plus, I've encouraged my family members to do the same if the wish to buy me jewelry for Christmas or my birthday.

This current fav is from Etsy