New year, new bread

This weekend, I branched out and tried a new bread recipe I've been wanting to try for awhile. The one I make every week continues to be great but it is made completely with white flour.

One of the blogs I follow featured a whole wheat vegan bread. It is very similar to the one I use- the exceptions being the whole wheat flour and, and instead of sugar, it uses agave nectar. (Strange? right, but I had a coupon).

Actually, the reason I decided to try this recipe was because the pictures on the blog made it look fairly light and fluffy. Whole wheat is always been a tricky thing with me. I've made many a dense baseball alternative roll out of whole wheat. But now that I am more comfortable with making bread, I am finding the gumption to start adding in more whole wheat. This recipe is also a nice transition since it combines both white and wheat flour.

Like more bread recipes I try for the first time, it didn't turn out very well. Although it wasn't dense, it wasn't as light as the picture made it out to be. So, I want to make it a few more times, (I have another coupon), and see if I can get mine to look as nice as the picture shows it.

We've already eaten one of the loaves, otherwise I would've taken my own photo. Since I didn't, I'll just send you to the page anyway. Check it out - vegan whole wheat bread.