Paying closer attention

I went to Dillion's yesterday to buy some hair gel and as with most of my "in-and-out" ventures into that store, I opted for the self checkout registers (no doubt fulfilling my childhood dream (no joke) of being a cashier at a grocery store. I know how to aim high).

As I was digging around in my wallet for my dillon's card, something caught my eye. Near the screen was a little piece of paper that said something along the lines of "Help save the environment and uncheck "print receipt" after hitting the "pay now" button). 


In all of my weeks and months of using the self check-out at this store, I had never, not once, seen this option to not get a receipt. But there it was - at the bottom of the right-hand corner, just waiting to be uncheck.

I was happy to do it too. (My sister once commented that in case we ever run out of toilet paper, we could probably switch to Dillon's receipts due to the length of them. Even if you only get a few items, that thing is still ridiculously long). 

Helping reduce our carbon footprint isn't always as challenging as we think it might be.

I just need to remember to pay closer attention.