Coffee was made for Sunday afternoons

I love iced coffee drinks. Even now, when I am bundled up in multiple layers and slippers and blankets and the warmth from my mac, I found myself wanting coffee - but not the warm stuff. No. Instead, I wanted the cold, creamy blended stuff. (I realize this is strange. It is winter and today is actually feels like it. But hey, the heart wants what it wants).

This is the problem of working at a coffee shop. Easy access has made me become an addict. Even on my days off, going without coffee seems ridiculous. I survived my entire college life without being dependent on coffee. Now, Mojo's has ruined me forever.

But if this is ruin, it sure is delicious.

I love my sister's stovetop espresso maker. It makes great coffee (unlike any and all drip coffee makers). Usually, the stovetop is my Sunday afternoon coffee beverage of choice. Sunday afternoons seem to make me want to go into a coma-like state. Even though I try not to drink caffeine anymore, I have found that just coffee itself makes me feel a little bit better and more alert (however fake that may be). Regardless, it is really nice to curl up with a hot mug and a good book. Today has pretty much gone down like that, well, minus the fact that today my coffee chilled my hands instead of warming them up.

This is what I did: I brewed some (decaf) coffee on the stove and let it cool very briefly in some ice. Then I scooped this Meridian Grocery coffee ice cream find into the blender.

I added the iced coffee (plus more ice), a little bit of milk and a big spoonful of caramel ice cream toping and blended that baby into this delicious concoction.


It's good to know that even though I am barely using my degree, I can at least make decent coffee. I try to look at that at being a plus.