February Blues

I'm freezing and my throat hurts.

Such are the woes of winter.

After dinner earlier this week, I told my sister, "I hate February. It makes me feel like I have nothing to look forward to."

"Of course you do," she said.



"March isn't really spring," I said.

"It is in Kansas."

She might be right. I honestly cannot remember March last year. But, like any March, I am sure it was both winter and spring at the same time. Depressing. (Leah's birthday is also in March so maybe she is a little bias. That, after all, is why I believe June is the best month ever).

Even though it is a leap year, I am grateful that February remains to be the shortest month of the year. It won't last forever.

And I finally have proof.

Example one: I took a lunch break on Friday to meet my friend, Joy, at Prairie Harvest. After work, I am always super warm from baking up a storm and since it was fairly nice and sunny during the noon hour, I rolled down my window, cranked up my tunes, and practically floated downtown on sunshine. It was wonderful.

Example two: Today was nice. Not necessarily uber warm, but warm enough for me to decide, "eh, I'm going to grill."

And grill I did.

I bought this local beef the other day and wanted to give it a try. And what better way than hamburgers?

I don't think I've ever grilled in February before.

Worth it.