Preparing for Spring

It is almost here. I can feel it - quite literately.

This afternoon, I went out into the garden. The weather was warm, the sun was bright, and the soil was workable and ready. Sure, I might've pushed my own "ox into a pit" today just so I could pull it out (or whatever that example was Jesus used), but it felt so good to be outside, in a tank top and garden gloves.

I didn't actually plant anything today, though I think I would've if I had the seeds. According to the Farmer's Almanac, in this region we can plant peas and spinach on March 1. Moreover, I recently read in a Kansas gardening newsletter I get, that as soon as the soil is workable, peas can be planted. I am so ready to plant some peas! I cannot even begin to describe my excitement. I might even plant some carrots, but I am getting ahead of myself here.

Since I am planning on holding off until Thursday to plant, I went ahead and got my beds ready. I raked off some leaves, added compost, and stirred up the soil. The soil in the raised bed I build last spring looks especially good - almost as nice as Illinois soil. I am hopeful, as I always am every spring, but this year, I hope that these babies will make it.

We planted some spinach and lettuce in the front yard last year, and it grew pretty well for partial shade, so I got that ready today too.

Spring is definitely coming. And hopefully soon we will be eating a TON of salad.

Today, it felt good to live in Kansas.