Protein fix

Protein was on my mind a lot today during my run at the Wellness Center. This was mostly due to two things: my lack of energy and the television. Someone had left the tv in front of my treadmill set to the travel channel. I usually leave the TVs alone. But today was a different story.

I am not exactly sure what show this was but it was "carnivores...something." This guy essentially travels around the states and finds infamous chunks of meat at various restaurants.

I had two thoughts during this show that kept catching my eye. 1. hmm no wonder Americans are so fat. and 2. wow, I think I am going to throw up.

But I didn't really want to spend this entire blog talking about gigantic servings of meat covered in sludge.  Actually, I would've thought a lot about protein during my run anyway today without the over-the-top visual aid in front of me. Why? Because I thought I was going to die.

Okay, obviously I am being dramatic here. I had a lot of caffeinated energy when I came home from work today, so I thought, "hmm... maybe my run will be awesome today."

Definitely wrong.

I am not sure why some Fridays I can champ out 4 miles like it's not big deal and then other Fridays, like today, I struggle through the entire thing.

I am sure it comes down to what I eat. And today, and yesterday... and probably this whole week... I have been slacking when it comes to my fruits and vegetables. So no energy from that. Also, my protein today was definitely a miss. And then I had caffeine today without thinking about it.

dang it.

Anna, you need to try harder.

Okay, so even though I make attempts to be a vegetarian, I still eat meat (after all, I live with my brother-in-law). I recently had a conversation with a co-worker (shout out to Jesse) about local meat.  A few days ago, I finally went to this tiny meat shop in Newton and finally sought out some hormone-free meat. (Raised and packaged around Yoder, Kansas. No relation).

Even though I haven't googled this company expensively yet, I feel more hopeful about our meat consumer choices.

Eventually, I would love for us to make the switch to only to local meat. But in the meantime, I maybe just need to eat a better lunch.