Starting the day off on the weird foot

On Thursday evening, I decided that I was going to try and do something different for my Friday breakfast. I was pretty excited. And why was this? Well, because I eat the same thing on Friday mornings every. single. week.

A bagel.

Okay, so not so bad right? I do generally believe that bagels are delicious. However, for almost the entire duration of working at Mojo's the first time, I had a bagel for breakfast. That kind of kills it.

The reason for this madness was because on my early days, I have my morning routine timed to perfection. If I eat breakfast in the car, I can sleep for 10 more minutes. And, yeah, I am not gong to sacrifice that even if it means eating a bagel.

Anyway, on Thursday evening I made some oatmeal, set up the blender, wrote down a list of ingredients, set out the avaga nectar and went to bed.

Right before I left this morning, I blended up this fruit oatmeal smoothie I saw on pinterest.

(I used blackberries instead of the called for apple)

It was very weird.

I did manage to drink half of it but there was way too much oatmeal in it.  I don't think I am against oatmeal in my smoothies, but I would say to use way, way less. This recipe called for a cup of cooked oatmeal. I would maybe use 1/4 cup and up the fruit. The whole time I was drinking it, I found myself wishing it was just a regular smoothie.

Because of this experience, I find myself super excited for it to get warmer, which may, in fact, be very soon. Then, I will start taking smoothies with me to work instead of my usual cup of tea. Maybe that will help sustain me on the days when I work at Mojo's and find myself hungry by 9. (Oh, second breakfast...) I could go ahead and just do it now (and I might sometimes), but I am waiting, and waiting, and waiting for strawberry season. There is a farm I know of out in Hutchinson that grows them. I am praying they have a good spring because I am going to go and spend all my money and pack the freezer full of them. It is going to be awesome and delicious.

Oh spring...

In conclusion, from now on, I think I will wait until I am in a nursing home to drink oatmeal from a straw, well, on a regular basis at least.

And I am going to go ahead an un-pin this pin. too bad.