Super Bowl Sunday

Sometimes, I try to care about football. Last year was the first year in my life that part of me felt invested in the NFL. (Okay, invested is maybe a strong word). I am not sure why. It really was no different than this year. After all, my brother-in-law watches football all day on Sundays. But for some reason, last year I paid attention to it enough that I became a chiefs "fan." This year, eh, not so much. Maybe because the chiefs, colts, bears, and any other team I could find some reason to side with them, did not play very good this season (or in reference to the colts - not at all).

With all that said, I could have cared less about the game this evening. I cheered for Giants only because I didn't want the Patriots to win. What's so exciting about that? I want a good underdog story. Come on. 

Like most American "holidays" that are ridiculous, I am mostly interested in the food. Tonight was no different. (In fact, I found this recipe a few weeks ago and have been waiting for this day just to try it out).  Tonight, I made this avocado bean dip I found on a food blog via pinterest. I love avocado and lime ( and beans), but it was also a vegan recipe (and a practical one at that. It's hard to find vegan recipes on food blogs that have realistic things in them). It was pretty good. It looked weird, but the hint of lime in it made it delicious (though I did not mention it was vegan - that tends to turn people off).

(Sorry, I did not plan my photo opp for this very well... green goop is hard to shoot). 

It was a good time (even though, I must confess, I would've rather watched "Downton Abbey" on PBS. Yep. No lie. This is my new favorite show. I spent the entire weekend watching season one. I love me some PBS). Regardless, I still enjoy this day every year even if I don't care who is playing. It's a good time for food and friends. Besides, I happily crocheted a good chunk of the time.

Hooray for Super Bowl Sunday.