Surviving the winter

If this really was a homestead living situation, we would not make it.

That is usually the joke.

We try really hard each summer to try and guess as to how much canned veggies and fruit we will need to make it through the winter.

The answer? A lot.

We have yet to nail that down to a number, unfortunately... (This is probably why people have gardening journals).

Tonight, Leah and I made a savory polenta for supper (yum), using the last of our canned tomatoes for it. (Actually, we've been spreading these canned items out, occasionally using store bought ones just so we can make ours last longer).

And now they are gone. That was the last of our preserved vegetables. We still have fruit - but just a few jars of applesauce, peaches and pears, not very much.

I'm sorry to say, we are not going to make it, people. Once again, we are going to have to repack the wagon and had back to the land of plenty. If this was that awesome Oregon Trail game, there would be some really sad music inserted here.

But it is not and thankfully, we don't have to live through hard times like that. Still, our sad music comes to us in the form of canned and frozen vegetables from the store.


Oh well, maybe next year we will make it through the winter. That's the hope.