Thursday's Thoughts

I don't have twitter. I don't have a smart phone. So I don't really see the point of having twitter (although I am sure I could just text my tweet, but it doesn't quite feel the same to me somehow). So I remain twitter-less... for now.

I probably will eventually get it. I never used to see the point in twitter. But now, on occasion, I will find myself wanting to share random thoughts with whoever is willing to listen, but don't really feel like clogging my Facebook page with all this nonsense (though I will post this blog on there, so that's essentially the same thing).

Today was one of those days.

And since I don't have twitter, I am placing my "tweets" here - and allowing my self the freedom to ramble past 140 characters.

So here we go. Here are my thoughts for Thursday.

1. This afternoon, I absentmindedly grabbed my hair straightener, not realizing that my fingers were grasped around the hot metal until it was, indeed, burning my flesh. Why did I do that? It makes typing fairly inconvenient.

2.  I finally refilled my snack drawer at work, (which, besides my web editor manual, is really the only thing I have in my entire desk).

3. I am getting my third cold of the season. I am not sure what is going on with my immune system right now. The only highlight from this is that I can take Nyquil, which knocks me out, and is way more preferred to my fits of sleeplessness I've been dealing with for the last week and a half.

4. I need new running shoes. My current ones are doing something odd to my feet. (I will spare you the details here). Because of this issue, I forced myself not to run yesterday in order to give my feet a rest. I hated it. When I told my sister I was hoping to wait a few more weeks before I bought more running shoes she asked me, "Well, what would be cheaper? New shoes or new toes?" You have a point, Leah.  But I really want my clothing staples (i.e. jeans, shoes, etc) to last forever, and I get annoyed when they do not.

5. I finally got my hair cut this evening. (Don't worry boys it's nothing drastic). I decided that maybe if I like this, I will continue to get it shorter and shorter and surprise myself instead of trying to find the gumption for short hair all at once.

6. I ran to Dillons today and bought the following items: almond milk, an onion, sprouts, mushrooms, and quinoa. I felt very granola.

7. The Hunger Games, has ruined books for me. Downton Abbey has ruined TV for me. (I mean to say that these things are so incredibly good that I don't want to read/watch any else because it seems way less exciting).  However, now that I am all caught up with Downton and read the the trilogy, I find myself craving more Wait, Wait... Don't tell me from NPR. I am almost caught up with my podcasts and am not sure what I am going to do when I am, besides pine away for Saturdays. Ah. Love it.

8. Speaking of Hunger Games, I heard on the radio that Rihanna is somehow connected with this fingernail polish that is selling for $5,000! What? Are you kidding me right now? (Apparently there is some type of precious metal in it). When I first heard about this, the first thing I thought was "Oh my goodness! It's like the Capital!" (Okay, most of you non hunger readers will have no idea what this means, but essentially in the books people from the Capital are wealthy, have crazy fashion tastes, have tons of luxuries while everyone else starves, and are the ones who put on the Hunger Games for entertainment). When I think about that book and crazy things Americans think of (like this 5g nail polish), I continue to marvel in the depth of Susanne Collin's work of literature and her profound critic of society that most people don't realize is in those books. Brilliant. How does one write like that?

9. My family is away this weekend, so it is just me and Scooter. I put him outside awhile ago. But it's his favorite temperate out there right now... so I have no idea how in the world I am going to get him back inside. hmm.

10. And finally, the most important thing I did today... (drumroll please)... I successfully poached my first egg! It was no small thing. I have been scared of making these for a long time. (No fear, Julia)! But tonight I finally gathered up my courage and did it. And, eh, really it's not that bad. Tricky for sure, but not impossible. Since my family is away, it gives me a reason to try out weird recipes. Tonight I made Quinoa Cakes with Poached Eggs. The poached eggs were the best part.

My first attempt was not too pretty

Even though I know quinoa is super good for you, eh, I am not sure if I am a super fan of it yet. (Maybe I need to remember why it is good for me, that might help). So I thought the "cake" part was average. It was fun to try, though now I have all this quinoa left that I don't know what to do with.

Quinoa. I have no idea how to say this word. I like to pronounce it "Guanoco" after one time when I really thought that how you said "quinoa." (I know it doesn't make sense but it was one time, people, get off me). Sometimes, I try to add the zulu click with. Sometimes, I call it "Kanye West." I wish I liked it. What a weird thing. And now it's all up in our cupboards. Oh well, the real story here is that I poached an egg. And that I ate it. and that it was awesome. I'm very proud of myself.

Second attempt = a little bit better

And that, folks, is my top ten random thoughts for the day. Thankfully I can just rattle on and on and not have to let Twitter control what I say.



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  2. 1. {expletive deleted}

    2. I've been trying to eat fruit for snacks but I'm worried about the food grade wax.

    3. I've only had one low grade cold, but it's lasted all season.

    4. Toe surgery is really expensive. Plus, who doesn't want new shoes. Also, they should always last forever.

    5. I always wanted to reverse grow out my hair (the small cut approach to short hair). But I never had the patience. And taking the razor to 10 inches of hair is oh so satisfying.

    6. I drove to Common Grounds and bought coffee and realized I left my travel mug at home and still bought it in a disposable cup. I thought of you all and felt guilty.

    7. This American Life

    8. My nephew really likes those books but he is fourteen and i've avoided them. But you like them.

    9. Good luck with that.

    10. Poached eggs are the best kind of eggs. Also, QUINOA.

    11. See how satisfying twitter would be.

  3. Ha. Trevor, your comments are awesome. Here are some responses
    2. oh wax on Fruit. It makes fruit taste terrible, and probably makes you more prone to eat candles. :-( I long for strawberries and spring.

    3. I hope your winter cold goes away. That is rough.

    5. I am not a boy, so if I take a razor to my 10 inches of hair, people (especially here in Kansas) would judge me for sure. I don't think I am brave enough for that.

    6. :-( Please don't ever feel guilty because of me. That makes me sad.

    7. I'll have to check it out that podcast.

    8. Trevor. Read Hunger Games this summer. Please.

    10. I agree. Even if I still call quinoa, guanoco... :-)

    11. I probably will get twitter. It's only a matter of time.


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