Valentimes is serious times

Today, I hid behind the mantra that I will not allow fake holidays ruin a perfectly good Tuesday. (It may be odd, but Tuesdays are typically my favorite day of the week due to the fact that I get home pretty early (and do things like eat supper before 7pm. yes). And although it seems I've put my singleness on autopilot, this is not what this blog is about.

(I will say though that this afternoon when I came home from the Wellness Center, my sister was watching Pride and Prejudice. dang it).

But again, this is not what this blog is about. (And the world doesn't need more ridiculous odes of some single woman's woes lamenting out to the world wide web).


Actually, for the most part I find that I actually enjoy this particular Tuesday (especially since it included a Mojo's Valentine's mocha. yum).

Now wait a minute, how is it possible for this girl to hate Christmas but like Valentine's day? True, this is ridiculous and does not make sense really. And actually, I am far from saying I enjoy this day that makes females everywhere do strange things they normally would not do and encourages people to buy stuffed animals that no grown adult really ever wants. Still, as I've mentioned before, if I can dye things pink and make something into a shape of a heart, well, it turns out I enjoy it more. Who would've thought?

This actually only really applies to baking. Once February starts creeping up, I seek out new desserts to make at Mojo's and think of dumb things to name them.

It is awesome.

Besides, if we learn anything from Teen Girl Squad, it's that Valentimes is serious times. I seriously love baking. (Sidebar: Oh my word this Teen Girl Squad short makes me laugh out loud every time! "What do you mean I'm less than B?" Watch it now).

Really, my love of Valentine's day baking stems from my love of trying new recipes. Since I hardly ever bake for myself (well, except for bread), I don't explore many new cookie, cake, or brownie recipes. I don't want that stuff sitting around the house especially since I often feel as if sugar is the only thing I consume. (Also, I never want to create dishes that need to be washed). Baking for others gives me that outlet to try things I normally would not. Plus I get paid to do it. For me, that is cause for celebration.

Here are a few things I've made these past few weeks leading up to Valentine's Day

The classic "heartthrob" sugar cookies

The delectable "Dreaming of Love" chocolate cherry almond bars

The powerful "Love Buzz" chocolate espresso shortbread cookies

The lovely "Cutie pies" - or red velvet whoopie pies with cream cheese icing

The hot mess "Cupid's cake" - (which I wanted to call a hot mess since they were kind of a baby disaster. They turned out okay. How can you really go wrong with chocolate cake with a raspberry icing center and a chocolate icing outside?)

Minus the sugar cookies, these are things I never make at home. It's fun to have a ridiculous day in which to make ridiculous food.

If Valentine's day doesn't exist to be ridiculous, than I don't know why we even have it.



  1. Um.. HELLO! Why did I not eat a Cute Pie or a Hot Mess when I was there?! Those sound INCREDIBLE!


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