weekly wellness

What have you done for your overall wellness today?

What I have done?

That is a good question. Most of the time I feel as if the answer is, shamefully, "nothing."

Maybe that is not true, but often I feel all of it gets cancelled out by the fact that I eat so much sugar.

I don't want to dwell on this too much, since self-loathing doesn't make for a very interesting read. But I've been thinking about this a lot lately and now that lent is here, I've been thinking about it even more.

I have never given anything up for lent. I never really feel convicted enough to do it. Actually, I never seem to know when lent starts until suddenly, bam, it's here. I am also not a fan of doing something religious for the sake of doing something religious. Faith in "zombie mode" feels pretty hollow.

Nevertheless, I've been thinking of ways to try and incorporate more wellness into my every day life. Is that because of lent? Eh, maybe partly.

So how have I been doing that? (Or trying to...) Here is the list.

1. Beat myself at running. I am going to do the Emma Creek Classic 5k this spring again and I really want to beat my time. This means I need to actually push myself harder. Lately I've really trying to improve that and semi-succeeding (Actually, I am super proud of myself for a very strange reason. I was talking to my running guru, Todd, and he told me that the really strange bruises on my toenails are kind of seen as this symbolic "right of passage." You're not a runner until that has happened to you. I've officially in the club now. There is no turning back). Anyway, in light of my current goal, I decided to buy some new running shorts since Bethel's bookstore was having a sale. Besides, as I recently told my friend, Amy, I feel like I run better whenever I get new running stuff. Clearly, this is all in my head, but hey, whatever helps.

2. DRINK MORE WATER. I have this reusable cup from the Drip in Black Mountain, NC, that I used all the time...until the straw broke. I've recently started taking it to work again because, for some odd reason, drinking water feels easier when I drink it out of this cup.  I really need to try harder to drink more water especially when I am at my baking job. Good dang. Today, I baked up a freaking storm and was so dehydrated by the time I got off.

3. Avoid caffeine. Actually, I've been doing this for awhile since it makes my heart feel very strange. But it was one of those things I gave up and didn't really think about giving it up completely until I realized I was practically doing it. Sure, I occasionally will have caffeinated coffee at home, but overall, I have drastically cut down on this. It's been great. The first few weeks were hard, but trying to rely on fruits and veggies for energy feels like a better alternative.

4. Have sneaky vegan habits. Okay, not really sneaky. Maybe subtle and occasional. I've started following some vegan blogs (which, yeah, are generally strange), but once in awhile I come across stuff that sounds easy and promising.  Last night for supper we had an avocado pasta. I found this recipe on pinterest and thought it sounded good. (Avocado! yum). It wasn't until I was making it yesterday that I realized, oh yeah, it's also vegan. I need to eat less dairy and more veggies. I also want to find more ways to get natural energy for runs, this seems like one way to do that.

I am sure there are more, but these are the ones I've been thinking about the most.