The 1st of March

You may recall me saying in a previous post how I feel as if I have nothing to look forward to during the month of February.

It's turns out, my sister was right. Of course we have something to look forward to in February.


Today was probably the biggest flirt. It was beautiful. Sunny and 70. (Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 20 degrees colder). Nevertheless, I felt so hopeful. I know I should believe that winter will probably sneak attack us. But, this is Kansas. And there is a good chance it might continue to get nicer and nicer until we all die in the summer heat.

It was nice on Sunday as well, which made me very anxious to go outside and plant something in the ground. I held off though, getting my beds ready for Thursday - the first of March - the very day the farmer's almanac said it was okay to start planting spinach and peas. And plant spinach and peas I did. I rushed home from work and stopped to pick up my seeds. (My peas are heirlooms called "Little Marvels."  They are going to be the cutest things of my life).

True, Kansas always seems to break my heart. Regardless, I never fail to feel hopeful at the beginning of a new season. And maybe this time, something will actually come forth out of what I have planted.

So here is to hope and having enough peas and spinach to put in the freezer.


  1. Good thing you waited until March 1st like the Almanac said! One of my patients just told me last year he planted his peas one day earlier than the almanac and had beautiful plants but... only one pea!!! :-)


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