Early Girls

This is my newest spring crush. My Early Girl tomato plants.

Okay, true it is March. But the weather has been so unseasonable warm that I could not help but think, "well, if it's going to be 80 and I am going to gamble with tomatoes" From a gardening standpoint, I fear summer because I believe it could very well be like last summer - over 100 degrees for weeks on end, killing everything in sight (though I was not here.  Thankfully, I summered in Chicago). With that fear burning in my heart, I am so determined to make the most of spring gardening.

Enter the early girls.

I am not an idiot so I did not plant these tomatoes in the ground. Instead I got some potting soil and planted them in containers. Now my daily toil will include the following 1. remembering that I have baby tomatoes sitting on the front stoop 2. Checking the evening low and 3. hauling these girls into the store room when it gets below 55. (I am not sure what the officially number should be here, but I rather be safe than sorry).

Here is the thing. I am terrible about remembering about plants. But I do have a lot of hope for these girls, which I will plant into the ground once the almanac gives me the thumbs up.

For now, I am happy to lug them around.

*side note. I love the names of things. If you call plants and seeds cute things, it turns out I am more eager to buy them and plant them. However, my love for early girls goes beyond the name of this cute, quick tomato plant. There is a restaurant in Asheville named after these lovelies. The Early Girl Eatery is my favorite restaurant in Asheville. They describe themselves as "a Farm to Table Southern comfort food experience." What's not to love about that? Plus, the food will rock your world.  (Moreover, they taught me to love tomato gravy poured over eggs, which is something my Yoder side somehow failed to do even though they have been eating their pancakes and eggs in tomato gravy for centuries. That is saying a lot, though my Dad would just say that my "tastebuds have finally developed").  I would drive there just to have brunch there. seriously... So maybe I am growing more than just tomatoes here - I am growing a little Asheville love.

I just hope I don't kill them.