Fresh firsts of spring

I love the "firsts" of each season. No matter what season it is, when it first arrives, I get very excited. (Yes, sometimes this even applies to winter... but not typically). Currently, it is 10:01p.m. and I fully intend to go to bed with my window open since I think the low for tonight is maybe 50. That is definitely a first.

I know I really shouldn't be enjoying this weather as much as I am right now. After all this spring weather is actually a lot like summer weather when really it should still be winter. But it's hard to be worried about global warming when it felt so nice today. (Please know that I do care about global warming though. I don't want to sound ignorant/heartless/American, but it's hard not to enjoy sunshine. Also, I am concerned though about my peas and spinach, at least somewhat. They like cool weather. 80 degrees is not cool weather. However, they are maybe coming up and I think they are hanging in there).

Besides opening the windows for the first time yesterday (and leaving them open - tonight), there have been a few other firsts this week.

1. We had local, in-season lettuce twice this week.

2. I wore skirts at work, not bothering to wear leggings underneath them. At the beginning of each spring, I always feel very weird when I shed most of my layers. I feel like I go from the early 1900s to today and think "hmm, is it okay that my bare legs are showing?" Ridiculous, I know. But I wear so many layers in the winter, it feels very odd to leave them behind. Don't get me wrong, it is wonderful, but nevertheless, it feels strange.

3. I wore sunscreen for the first time yesterday when I went on my run.

4. This is not a "first" but I will count it on this list. I busted out some of my favorite "summer jams" even though it is not summer. (I really enjoy listening to specific music during each season). This summer when I was in Chicago, I stumbled upon an article in a local magazine about the folk artist Sarah Jarosz. I decided to google her and am so glad I did. She is brilliant. Since I discovered her in the summer, hearing her stuff now makes me think of that. "Come on up to the house" is my favorite. (Check it out). Tonight, I managed to make it through her entire musical collection thanks to spotify. To me, spring feels the best when a cool evening breeze is blowing through wispy curtains and mixing with the sounds of folk music.

Ah, I love that fresh feeling.

(Also, SHOUT OUT to my beautiful sister, Leah! Today is her birthday).