Paper Trail

This is me, letting out a huge sigh of relief via this blog post.

I finally got around to doing my taxes. (I was avoiding it like the plague because 1. I hate anything with numbers and 2. I had 4 jobs in 2011 in 2 different states). But, I finally did it and now I am DONE... well,  not really. I still need to print off my Illinois return and send it off since I couldn't e-file it. Nevertheless, that won't take long.

This is what the dining room looked like after I was finished. geesh. I thought I was an organized person. But then I graduated from college and apparently I lost every ability to stay on top of things.

Here's to hoping that if I ever get married someday, my husband will be more organized and knowledgeable about money, math, taxes, and numbers than I am.