The Power of Spring

I am ending this day by eating a few girl scout cookies. This rarely happens. Even though these cookies undoubtedly have high fructose corn syrup in them (boo!), they are super yummy. With these caramel delights, my mug of peppermint tea, and Peter Bradley Adams playing on Spotify, I'd say this is a great ending to a fabulous Saturday.

This is saying a lot because it not too uncommon that weekend evenings spent alone tend to end on a lonely note. But that is winter.

Spring is here.

It is amazing how much warm sunshine and a bright blue sky can change everything. My whole attitude seems to change when my feet no longer are confined to socks 24/7.

My mom sent me a text this morning, waking me up and making me to realize that I slept on my shoulder weird, resulting in a huge knot in my neck. But instead of being grumpy, I felt delighted to find myself awake as sunlight poured in through the blinds. My senses told me it was going to be warm today. This Saturday was full of so many possibilities. That outlook alone is completely different than what it would've been if it would've been cloudy and a high of 30. I had a lot of stuff I wanted to get done today, which can typically stress me out, robbing myself of a relaxing weekend. However, because it was nice out, eh, everything seemed possible and chill.

Here are some great things that happened today.

1. It is pretty typical for my sister and me to take Scootie on a walk first thing on Saturday mornings, giving Jeron a brake from his typical dog-walking routine. Today, I did not wear a coat. There was even a  part of the walk where I was a little bit warm in my hoodie. Hooray for the beginning of the shedding of winter layers.

2. Last night, I went out to eat with my fabulous friends, Janell and Amanda. Before this outing, I put a ton of hair gel in my locks. Thus, this morning when I work up my hair was still super curly. So I just threw it up in a pony tail. And it looked fine. This was possibly the first day in my entire life that I did nothing with my hair and it was fine! I didn't even straighten my bangs. (Now, I realize you must be thinking "this is a dumb thing to have on this list," and you're right. But my hair is seriously crazy. This is a huge  win. I will celebrate it for all that it is worth).

3. It was warm enough this morning that I busted out the precious Via packs we sometimes find at Meridian Grocery and made some iced coffee. yum.

4. Living in a small town can sometimes be a great thing. I bought some topsoil at the local hardware store and that man who runs it is the nicest person. Usually, I feel like an idiot in hardware stores, but not Hesston's. This is important because...

5. I bought topsoil! Meaning, I was able to garden this afternoon. I had a raised bed frame Dad built when he was out here last summer, but I needed to fill it up before I could plant. So I spent a good chunk of time in the sunshine getting the box ready and then planting radishes, carrots, spinach and lettuce. Oh, I am so hopeful...

6.  Leah told me today that she read somewhere that the Hesston Food Mart was going to start selling a  lot of local products to encourage people to shop there. Isn't that awesome? Because of this, almost our entire lunch consisted of locally produced items. Our lettuce was raised in Hesston, the egg in the salad from Unruh Farms, we made our own salad dressing, (which is significant since there are a ton of ingredients/chemicals in store bought dressing. Most of those ingredients usual come from hundreds of miles away, causing there to be a lot of petrol "in" that stuff), the rolls were made in town, the BBQ sauces were both Kansas made,  and there is a 50% chance the pulled pork might've been local meat. (That is one of the things the Food Mart is going local with - meat! awesome). Even without much effort, we still managed to eat a meal comprised of local things in the middle of March! What a good day.

Our first local salad of the season! 

Local lunch, complete with sweet tea. North Carolina would be proud. 

7. Tomorrow is my brother-in-law's birthday. So this evening, I did a little bit of baking. Even that, which usually makes me feel tired, especially when doing the dishes, did not have any effect on me. In fact, it was great. I even decided to try a new hummus recipe, just for fun. (Sidebar: It is called "The Hummus that changed everything." It did not live up to it's name. (I'm going to unpin it). Life changing hummus resides in Palestine. This one had way too much lemon juice in it. Regardless, I ate some with dinner. yum).

It amazing what the power of spring can do. I love it.