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I love this show on Fox called "New Girl." In this week's episode, Nick wonders why all female runners look like old German women.

So yesterday at the gym, I tried really hard to not look like an old German woman when I was running.  (As well as being "long and lean - like sea grass." ha). I am not sure if I accomplished any of those goals.

Why? Because I felt like I was going to die.


I don't know why it is that sometimes when I run I feel like I could throw up my entire insides.

Why is that?

(Also, why do I feel the need to share that via this post? Sorry about that).

I've written about this before - several times actually. Still, I have not made any process is figuring out how to balance my workout, what I eat, and, well whatever else would help in this situation.

The only reason I am bringing this up again is because I saw this article from Runner's World via Twitter about how caffeine is supposedly good for your workout. (Read the article here).

Here is the run down from the article, in this study, caffeine helps with speed, distance, and recovery time. It also does not really effect hydration levels (unless you drink more than 5 cups, which, if you do, you might have a serious addiction), and it doesn't really cause bone-mineral loss (especially since drinking it with milk tends to balance it off).

I've been avoiding caffeine like the plague. My reasons essentially boil down to two reasons. 1. After drinking espresso every day (almost) from October 2011 to June 2011, caffeine makes my heart feel strange. I also get really nervous/anxious, which is never a nice feeling especially for someone who is prone to those tendencies anyway. 2. Even when I do consume caffeine, it is typically completely saturated with sugar. 3. I also don't rely on "fake" energy.

It's been nice being off caffeine. Even though I still get tired, I don't really feel like I "crash" very often anymore.  But after reading that article, I am trying to rethink caffeine a little bit. (Plus, the Mocha Recovery Shake recipe they have at the bottom of the article sounds great).

In a few weeks, I am running the Emma Creek Classic 5k in Hesston. (Actually, I've lost all motivation to run recently, which does not make sense since I am still determined to beat my time from last year). So the question remains, do I try to incorporate a little caffeine into my runs and see if it helps?

If any runners read this blog, I could really use some input. What can I be doing to increase my energy level when I run that won't freak my heart out or make me consume a ton of sugar. (I do get 8 hours of sleep consistently and drink a ton of water). Also, I feel like a lot of "energy options" are for marathon runners. I am not that hardcore.  Any thoughts?


  1. I don't consider myself a runner - at all - but I'm throwing my 2 cents out there anyway. Seriously, I haven't laced up my running shoes and hit the pavement in SUCH of long time. I'm groaning inwardly just thinking about it...ugh.

    Have you tried taking a complete B vitamin? I don't know this personally, as in - I haven't tried it, but I've heard from some reliable sources that the B vitamins are good at providing energy. Especially B12, I think? But a complete B vitamin would have all that you'd need, and they're really good for your eyes and overall health anyway, so it might be a win-win if you're up for adding a supplement to your regimen. Vitamin B has been all the rage lately since it's in those 5-hour energy drinks. I have had one of those - I can't really remember if it worked or not, but it tasted nasty and I manage to stay up and finish studying :-P And it won't make your heart feel funny. At least, it shouldn't :-) If it does, you may have bigger problems ;-) Love you, mur!

  2. What time of day do you run? I run much better, farther, faster, etc. in the morning. By the afternoon/evening, I feel like my legs don't work. I also take vitamin anxiety meds make me sleepy so it counteracts that. Which I can only imagine how it would work if I wasn't taking other meds.

    And listed to epic movie scores. You feel like you are running away from something. All. the. time.

  3. Thank's y'all. Actually, I do take B12 on a daily basis. Kare - should I go for a straight up B vitamin instead? I don't really know very much about vitamins.
    Drea - I run in the late afternoon, which I have found to be the best time of day of me to run. I used to run in the mornings, but I felt like I was going to die (even more so than I do in the afternoons sometime). Also, you run to the silliest things. :-) you are great. Oh, and all your spelling errors are safe with me. Lord knows I've had my share.


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