Garden wins

Let the record show that I can, indeed, grow something in this prairie.

Today, I found one of my radishes was ready to be picked. Yep, just this one.

Cute little guy isn't he?

I waited to show Leah when she got home from work before heading over to the sink and chomped it.

Two bites. Then it was gone.

This is my radish face

Growing up, we always grew radishes, probably for the same reasons why any one grows them. You can plant them early and it doesn't take long before they are ready. win-win-win. My brother was the main radish consumer in our house. Otherwise, they would sit in a bowl of water in the fridge until Sanford got around to them. At first they were a novelty, like most new season foods.  As they multiplied in the fridge, the excitement wore off.

Why did we plant so many?

The only time I really went for the radishes myself was when I would pick a ton of them, (which was one of my favorite things to do), and rinse them off in the sink. This "rinsing" process mostly involved me placing the salt next to me and popping them in my mouth as I went along. That initial crunch was the best.

I have learned from my father and did not plant very many this year. Actually, most of what I planted did not come up. ugh. These veggies are supposed to be one of the simplest to grow. And I can barely grow them. By the time they are done I will probably have only about 7-8. But that is okay.

Radishes are the cheerleaders of garden produce - sticking their little red heads out of the ground to tell me, "You can do it!"

I really believe them. After all, I was able to harvest a little bit of spinach too. I cannot wait to use it in our suppers this week.