The good things of Saturday

1.  I made a point to go to the library this morning so I could work on an article. I haven't been there for a few weeks, which is partly due to the nice weather (and working at Mojo's). But I realize I need to go more often. Writing is good for my soul. I don't know why I avoid it or just blog.

2. I tried to get in touch my with Amish roots today and tired to pull my hair back like an Amish woman. Except, I have a ton of hair. And I added braids. I knew I was going to garden most of the day. So why not? These are the things I think about.

3. I built three garden boxes! Bam. Yesterday, I went to the lumber yard (otherwise known by me as "Krumping" lumber since I can never remember what it its actual name) and tried to overcome my intimidation of lumber yards and hardware stores. There is a True Value in town that I enjoy going to because the people who run it are awesome. Krumping lumber is a whole different story. I have no idea about lumber so I felt like an idiot when I was trying to describe what I wanted. But I eventually got what I needed, borrowed my friend's power drill and made some rather trapezoid-ian boxes. (What a weird word. Trapezoid. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel. The galaxy of trapezoid. This is why I should've paid better attention in geometry in high school). Whatever. They work.

4. I planted some more of my garden! I would like to say that I am finished but I am still waiting for it to get warmer before I plant the basil and eggplant I have sitting on the stoop. Today, I planted more bush beans, 6 tomatoes (Old Germans, Jubilee, Cherokee Purple, and more Brandwines), and some marigolds to help ward off the bugs. (Also, Leah requested flowers to make it look more like an "Amish garden"). I am excited about how things are shaping up. Even if I had to spend a lot of money on dirt.

5. Eating spinach! I love having a ton of fresh greens to eat with our meals.

6. My Bolivia visa came in the mail! Dang, that was so fast! In just a few weeks, I will be heading off to La Paz. I cannot even believe it. It still doesn't even seem real, but having my passport back (with my new visa inside) helps me understand that yes this is happening.

Aw, yes. Good day.