Just more tomato love

sorry for the blurry/weird lighting photo

The English language does not have enough words for love. We all know this. But know that when I say, I love my tomato plants, that it is a very genuine statement.

I know, I know. How many times can I go on and on about tomatoes, right?

Apparently I have not hit my limit yet. I probably won't until I am drowning in batches of them, during the nasty heat of August, trying to can them. But then again, it might not even be then.

My friend, Amy, let me plant a few tomatoes in her garden this year since her family will be gone for most of prime tomato season. Since the weather was in the 80s today, I headed over to Stone Creek Nursery to pick out a few more to add to the collection I already had on the front stoop.

Dang. Why do the names of vegetable plants have to be so romantic? I found myself swooning over the Juliet plants (but didn't buy them since they are a cherry tomato variety) and dreaming of the biodiversity possibilities. In the end, I only bought heirlooms. (Another reason why Juliet didn't make the cut). I opted for 1 brandywine, which is an Amish heirloom going back to the late 1800s; 1 yellow pear, which hopefully will look like the name; and 2 Cherokee purples, whose skin have a redish/purple vibe. I cannot wait to see their beautiful faces. These babies were added to the 1 beefsteak and 2 better boys from Jeron's dad. (There were four, but one did not make the cut as the plant snapped in half when I was trying to transplant it).

I can't wait to go back to Stone Creek this weekend and buy more for my new beds (which I also need to build this weekend...)

After an hour of gardening this evening, it was very fitting that when I turned on the TV to watch the new episode of New Girl that Nick would be growing tomatoes. I, too, will pour my love into them, but just for other reasons.